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Report No.7 : March 29th 2017

The Station (scenic) Area.

The past few months since the last report have been "difficult" for construction and you should by now be aware that it has been necessary to withdraw the layout from The National Garden Railway Show on April 8th.

Several days were expended on improving access to and lighting of the storage loft, as well as installing a hoist to raise and lower the heavy boards.

The very low temperatures in the garage (rarely reaching above 4 C on most days) combined with indisposition (through injury/sickness) of the usual volunteers, has restricted what can be done, since the boards require at least two for handling and assembly (three minimum for the larger/heavier boards).

Notwithstanding those problems, tracklaying has been completed and ballasting is under way and most of the scenic items are in hand. The goods yard loading bank has been completed and construction of the passenger platform (13ft in length) is under way.

Indoor work has been unaffected, the signal box and the GWR pattern stables, to house the shunting and delivery horses, have been completed. Minor items, such as rail-built loading gauge and water columns/cranes (all to GWR patterns) are almost finished.

The control panel for the digitally-controlled turnouts and signals is well-advanced.

The Fiddle Yard

The original plan had been to borrow a fiddle yard for the Peterborough show but recent generous donations (of both cash and track) means I now have sufficient track available for two layout-dedicated fiddle yards (each 20ft in length) and have placed  an order for the base units to support the track (currently scheduled for delivery during May/June). Having two yards will provide the option to exhibit Monkton Priors as a through station, adding to operational interest.

The two new yards are to be supplied with turntables already built on, which will simplify loco release and turning operations.

Fund Raising

Cancellation of the Biggleswade AGM has lost us the opportunity to raise further funds to meet the costs of future construction; we had hoped to raise around 250GBP through a raffle, the sale of donated items, as well as the special coffee mugs. Please consider making a donation, however small, (download form here) in order to ensure this project is able to progress to a satisfactory completion and provide a worthy flagship layout for the Society.

John Candy

Project Leader

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