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The theme of the layout is a small but busy branch terminus, of a type that might be found on the edge of a large conurbation and having a frequent commuter service and a flourishing goods traffic.

The period can be anytime from the early 20th Century up to the immediate post-Beeching era, after which, such a line would most probably have faced the “axe” or, at best, have been “rationalised” to a long siding, devoid of pointwork and signals and worked by a  dmu shuttle service.

It is primarily based on GWR practice but in practice can be adapted by a change of buildings and other items, to suit the locos and rolling stock being provide by the exhibition operators from their own collections.

All turnouts and signals will be powered from a control panel, both for more realistic operation and to simplify exhibiting with a limited “crew”. The “Megapoints” digital control system is to be employed, which enables low cost servo motors to be used as the electro-mechanical component.

The base modules will be be designed to be easily (and quickly) assembled and dismantled and no individual module will be longer than 1.8 metres, with the majority being 900mm in length, to ease transportation.

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