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The Gauge '3' Society - A Company Limited by Guarantee

Registered in England & Wales with Company Number 08174106

Registered Office: Cedar Cottage, Denham Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 0QQ

The fund-raising effort continues with just a very small number of members having generously donated so far : We have raised approximately 1100GBP but are well short of our target ... about 400GBP in fact.

If you have not donated so far, please consider making a donation, however small.

If every member who has not given so far were to donate the price of a pint of beer, we would reach our target. Email team@monktonpriors.gauge3.co.uk for more information.

We still have 48 of the specially-commissioned mugs in hand : If all of those were to be sold, it would raise more than 300GBP (enquiries to coffee@monktonpriors.gauge3.co.uk )

The design of the base modules has been finalised and the initial batch of materials is about to be purchased. Ian T has offered to cut all the sheets of plywood manually, which has saved us a few hundred Pounds in laser charges.

The order has been placed with Cliff Barker for the balance of the track required and awaits collection from Southend by Roy.

The surface “deck” of the base units will be of 12mm “green” (damp proof) MDF and that will soon be ordered and delivered to me (module assembly, track laying and testing will be carried out in my garage, which will also provide storage for the completed layout when between exhibitions).

A suggestion by Ted Sadler, was the use of granulated cork ballast (to save weight) and I placed an order with a UK company for 2 Kilos of a grade containing granules sized 0.5mm to 1.00mm (the size of ballast in the inter-wars period tended to be a finer grade than is commonly used today) : Just how far that quantity will spread remains to be seen. The package arrived from Portugal (which explains the high carriage charge) : I suppose, now the majority of wine bottles have screw caps or synthetic stoppers, the cork growers have had to find ways to diversify!

There remain many items to be acquired, ranging from buffer stops to turnout controls and resin (for scenic castings) to adhesives, paints and screws.

In addition to cash, the team will be grateful to be offered any surplus items you may have .... please email team@monktonpriors.gauge3.co.uk to check suitability for our purposes.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that Mark Thatcher has, just today, agreed to join our team (Mark will be familiar to readers of “Garden Rail”  for his regular contributions and brings his scenic skills to the project).

More news soon, John Candy


Report No.3      2 June 2016

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